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Jericoacoara - Beaches - Nordeste - Ceara - Brazil - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Brazil
Estado: Ceara
Local: Nordeste
Temas Geográficos:
Junho 2002

Jericoacoara is a land of dunes, colored lagoons, beaches, sun, sea and sand, much sand, located at the beautiful coast of the brazilian Ceara State.

Hospitable, the city is small, practically a village of few blocks, visited by citizens from all the parts of the world, speaking diverse languages, barefooted, having in common the search for the sun, for the sea and for the sand, a lot of sand...

From the central village, you can arrive, by foot or by car, at special places for visiting like the Pierced Rock, the Jijoca Lagoon or the Paradise Lagoon.

Happily, the dunes of Jericoacoara now are inside of an Area of Ambiental Protection. You can enter in the immense protecting area and bathe yourself in crystalline lagoons formed with waters of rains. Walking freely the dunes of Jericoacoara is a very special tour.

Evidently, the beaches are spacious and quiet and the weather generally is good. In other words, it is a piece of the paradise.

In the end of the afternoon, you can climb the Dune of the Sunset to see the day finishing itself spectacularly.

Happy the man who arrives in Jericoacoara without a precise date to go back...

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