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Volcanos and Geysers
December 2001

In Pre-Columbian America, and same in Incaic America, Licancabur volcano (or Licancahur) was always for human kind a stage for diverse religious manifestations.

The imposing figure of 5916 meters of the volcano acclaimed adorations to the sun, the Gods and the forces of the nature.

And, at our present time, has this situation changed?

The glorious Licancabur continues being a connection for beliefs of high human values like the search of the truth by scientists, the search of the affirmation and freedom by adventurers, the search of the total beauty and the spacing by a less conventional tourist.

Thus, the Licancabur is and continues being capable to supply us all necessary impact and stimulus that let us keep our search for new senses...

In fact, the imponent volcano rises like a true sentinel that reaches all the Atacama, a lighthouse that points to infinite, in the astronomical sky of the desert...

Completing its golden beauty, at its side, rests the Green Lagoon, whose waters, tinged for diverse minerals, has a color of cinematographic surprise.

The archaeological ruins and their structures, spread to its redor, prove this vocation of Licancabur to catalyze men deeper investigations for their existences, since inmemoriables times.

- in its crater, the volcano possesses one of the highest lakes of all the planet;
- neighbor, Juriques volcano, with reddish colors, complete the beauty of the region;
- there are inca ruins on the top of the crater of 400 meters of diameter;
- the volcano is located in the divisional line between Chile and Bolivia;
- Licancabur means "People from above", in the old atacama people dialect.

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