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Salt at Colchani - Deserts - Salt Flats - Uyuni - Potosi - Bolivia - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Bolivia
Estado: Potosi
Local: Uyuni
Temas Geográficos:
Deserts - Salt Flats
December 2000

Colchani is a very little village, located in the border of the Uyuni Saltpan.

The few hundreds of indigenous population is poor and completely dedicated to extract salt from the Saltpan, in old fashioned way, with shovels and manual job. This is the unique activity in this place.

Far from civilazations, people from Colchani don´t like invaders or to be photographed. Pratically, they live almost outside time.

The place has a railroad station, no longer used, that cross the town in the middle. There are many abandoned houses and recent ruins, probably from the period when trains passed by.

Colchani is not a tourist destination, but, as the Uyuni Saltpan gets more and more known like one of the natural wonder in Earth, indians get more used with this fact and with the vans crossing the place with mundial tourists.

The Entrance of the Uyuni Saltpan is in Colchani. 1 km away from the town starts the salt mining. A completely white, misterious, quiet and singular place, with beautiful landscapes.

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