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Morro de Sao Paulo - Beaches - Ilha de Tinhare - Bahia - Brazil - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Brazil
Estado: Bahia
Local: Ilha de Tinhare
Temas Geográficos:
December 2002

Firstly, Morro de São Paulo was a place of fight between Europeans who disputed tropical just-discovered colonies in Americas (century XVII - XIX). In this period, Morro de São Paulo is transformed into fort and military point to support to the portuguese fleets of ships.

With the ending of the colonization and the independence of Brazil, Morro de São Paulo happily was forgotten and could recover itself from the human barbarities.

In the century XX, Morro de São Paulo entered in decay (from the point of view of the mercantile civilization) and came back to be a simple fishing village.

In the end of the century XX, Morro de São Paulo is rediscovered by young adventurers. Since then, the island is widely invaded, this time by regular tourists from anywhere and by entrepreneurs of the branch of tourism and hotels, changing itself into one of the most visited points in the Northeast of Brasil, once it is closed to the capital of the State of Bahia, Salvador, or one can arrive there from Valença city, taking only 40 minutes by motor boat.

Happily, the Brazilian Government transformed the Island of Tinharé and the neighboring Island of Boipeba into an APA (Area of Environmental Protection), establishing, at least theoretically and by law, the bases of an ecological sustainable tourism .

Far from the satisfactory, the inhabitants of the island, as well as the entrepreneurs of tourism and hotels do not possess the practical of ambiental education, which provokes certain stress and pollution in the beautiful local nature, that also suffers by its proximity to Salvador.

The attractions of Morro de São Paulo has been resistant: men learn why to love the Nature and the natives of the island learn that its beauty is its true patrimony.

Morro de São Paulo must be fixed in history as its original project: an alive temple of beauties and natural swimming pools.

Americasol brings to you, through exclusive photos, a selected Morro de São Paulo, where you will be able to see by yourself why the place is considered so pleasant.

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