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Ibitipoca - National Parks - Conceicao de Ibitipoca - Minas Gerais - Brazil - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Brazil
Estado: Minas Gerais
Local: Conceicao de Ibitipoca
Temas Geográficos:
National Parks
September 1999

The State Park of Ibitipoca has many surprises for the visitor as waterfalls that spectacularly fall down from high places and a serie of grottos and caves, from immense to small ones.

With particular geography, Ibitipoca has high points of visitation, as the Spin Toy Peak and the Lombada Peak, both above of 1700 m. of altitude.

Sheltering precious fauna and flora, ie, plants and animals that are exclusive of this region, Ibitipoca is an important center of studies for scientists and researchers, as biologists and caves specialists.

There are many eco attractions like the Rock Bridge, which is a rocky formation, resembling a small canyon, where the water of the rivers passes for its interior, forming tunnels. It is possible to cross it on the top or to enter in the tunnels.

The Window for the Sky is a small orange water course that falls suddenly in a precipice, showing itself as an amazing window opened for the blue of the sky.

The color of the water of Ibitipoca is orange, passing from tones of reds and yellows. Organic chemical substances confers this special characteristic to the place.

The Park demands extremely respect for its beauty can remain as it is. Cooperate, in case you decided to visit the place physically. You are suppose to call with antecedence, therefore the visitations are limited to preserve the place.

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