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Uyuni Saltpan (Salar) - Deserts - Potosi - Potosi - Bolivia - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Bolivia
Estado: Potosi
Local: Potosi
Temas Geográficos:
Dezembro 2000

The Uyuni Saltpan is one of the most exotic and impressive places we could visit on our planet.

Astonishing, it a huge white desert made by pure salt. When you cross it, there is nothing around its extensive area of 12000 km2.

The horizon is white and is defined only by its immediate great blue of the sky. Sometimes, you notice a mountain range very far, the Andes, but, most of the time it is pure white and blue.

The floor is really salt and if you try some, you will taste regular salt petrified.

The Uyuni Saltpan is an expression of the Nature, beautiful, very special, calm, white and unbelievable. It is a place of freedom, almost religious, pure ecstasy.

The Saltpan is located in southwest Bolivia, its height is 3600 meters and it is a heritage of a prehistoric salted lake.

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