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Colorada Lagoon - Lakes and Lagoons - Altiplanos - Andean Plateau - Potosi - Bolivia - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Bolivia
Estado: Potosi
Local: Altiplanos - Andean Plateau
Temas Geográficos:
Lakes and Lagoons
Novembro 2000

Situated in the Occidental Mountain Range of the Andes, one can meet, on an average altitude of 4600 m., a series of lagoons of impressive beauty. These lagoons are fed by the thawing of the mountains snow and occasionally by rains of determined stations of the year. They are very rich in ores, so each one of them possesses a particular color. Depending on the stations of the year, the colors vary, as well as the water level. They are rich in animal and vegetal life. They are inhabited mainly by migratory birds, over all the pink flamingos

The Colorada Lagoon is one of most beautiful of the Andean lagoons. Situated in the South Bolivia, near the border with Chile, this lagoon belongs to the National Park of Andean Fauna Eduardo Avaroa, supporting an incomparable beauty. If anybody is luck enough to see the sunset at the Colorada Lagoon, this person will instantaneously know that is living a magical moment of life, therefore the Nature reflects abundantly all its glory and its esplendor, in such a way that the eyes are fulled of light and the mind is perplexed, ahead and confused with so much beauty: the deep blue water, stuffed of rose flamingos, contrasts against a light brown land, surrounded by volcanos and snow peaks. This is an impressive picture into which we are completely surrendered by the emotion of the moment.

In those moments, the Nature poses us clearly questions about the possibilities of our lives: should we have days and days and days and days of continuous work to compensate that with only a single moment of esplendor in the Colorada Lagoon? When it arrives 18:00 PM, normally we are locked in cars, offices, meetings, running each one proper daily tasks. Meanwhile, just remember the Colorada Lagoon is waiting for you sometime, with all its majesty.

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