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Temples of the Sun and of the Moon - Archaeological Sites - Trujillo - La Libertad - Peru - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Peru
Estado: La Libertad
Local: Trujillo
Temas Geográficos:
Archaeological Sites
Dezembro 2000

Imagine a film script that originated a film.

The film does not exist anymore, it was erased by the passage of the time.

Only few pages of this film script, untied and disconnected, has been left, written in an old and ascentral language.

To know how was the original film, you will have to make assumptions. It is an exercise of guess, supported by scientific methods: that is archaeology.

Perhaps in the case of the ancestral Moche Culture, a terror film was left behind.

The Moche Culture (I - VIII A.C) left us an intriguing and frightful legacy.

When one tries to compose this film, passed long time ago, what we have is a proven history of human sacrifices.

The Temple of the Sun and of the Moon is a tremendous archaeological site that, step by step, led us to disclose a scaring Culture of Old Peru.

The theory most accepted points that deep ambiental impacts, caused by the El Niño, have provoked an avalanche of tragedies, deaths, floods, losses of agriculture lands and also maritime food resources, leading that society of the epoque to the desperation.

Supposedly, to control or to finish the anger of the infuriated Gods, or to please the ancestrals, the hierarchy of the time determined the death of many young men of ages that varied between 20 the 30 years.

Banns of blood were offered in a natural rock altar formed in the base of a sacred mountain.

Huaca means temple. They were enormous, pyramidals constructions, made of adobe bricks, where horrible rituals took place.

Very rich in surprising revelations is this archaeological site of the Moche Culture.

Perhaps a simple gratefulness had worked with the Gods? Why did they have exaggerated in such a way?

It is a mystery. One more mystery left behind by old South American Civilizations.

Americasol.Net brings for you original photos, registering part of this important Peruvian temple.

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