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Ascent to the Pisco Snowy Peak - Mountains - Cordillera Blanca - Ancash - Peru - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Peru
Estado: Ancash
Local: Cordillera Blanca
Temas Geográficos:
Dezembro 2000

Compared with other higher mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, the Pisco Snowed Peak can be considered a relatively easy conquest, indicated for beginning and intermediate mountaineers.

However, it´s a false impression, because any peak of 5700 meters is not something current: the ascent demands enormous physical condition, and much, but much acclimatization.

Climbing with good wheather is a gift and reason of much gratefulness to Cosmos, therefore Nevado Pisco is situated in one of the most central regions of Cordillera Blanca and the landscapes of mountains around are exuberant. During the ascent one can see diverse mountains and peaks as the Huandoy, the Chacraraju, the Alpamayo, the Chopicalqui and the Huascarán, the highest peak of all.

It is basic to have an experienced guide, therefore there is avalanche danger, and, not rarely, you can see one descending the vertical white walls. Technically, it is an quite tranquil ascent.

Leaving Huaraz, capital of Ancash, you arrive at the little village of Yungay and going up, you reach the LLanganuco Post of Control of the National Park Huascaran.

You will then pass beside the gorgeous lagoons of Chinancocha and Orcococha, of deep tur·quoise green color, in direction to the LLanganuco Sector of the Park.

Soon you will gain Cebollapampa, where the trekking is initiated. It starts calm and pretty easy but later is only to climb, climb, climb...

In the middle way you will arrive at a shelter, a kind of hotel for mountaineers, only opened in high seasons. If you find one room to rest, it might be confortable, therefore during nights the cold is intense.

After passing the shelter, you arrive at the encampment in the base of the Nevado Pisco, from where you can leave at the following dawn to the final ascencion.

During all this journey, the game of light formed from the sun reaching the Andes Mountains is impressive, generating unforgettable images and rare beauty.

The conquest of the Nevado Pisco, if successful, is a party for the soul. As if you would be back again to a child state. Perceive all efforts that we, contemporaneous men, need to make to have moments of relieve and integration with the Nature?

Final warning: if you belong to a country that contribute not to revert the destruction of the ozone layer and the solar overheating we have created, press your government, please, therefore Nevado Pisco has withdrawn very meters in the last years and can be indeed extinguished. We hope not.

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