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Mountain Range of the Salt - Deserts - Atacama Desert - Antofogasta - Chile - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Chile
Estado: Antofogasta
Local: Atacama Desert
Temas Geográficos:
December 2001

The Mountain Range of the Salt was formed millions of years behind. It was an old lake, whose soil was raised vertically for the same movements of the terrestrial coast that had originated the Mountain Range of the Andes. Molded for the time through the rain, the wind and the sun of the Atacama Desert, its final shape as we know today is full of natural sculptures, different types of stratifications and of colorations due to the mineral diversity of the place.

From Mountain Range of the Salt can be observed the Desert of the Atacama and the oasis where it is located the city of San Peter of the Atacama, as well as the chain of volcanos, pertaining to the Mountain Range of the Andes.

The name of the Mountain Range of the Salt came of the fact that its mineral composition possess a great amount of plaster, which gives to the place an aspect of being sprinkled by salt.

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