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Off Road Jericoacoara - Camocim - Beaches - Nordeste - Ceara - Brazil - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Brazil
Estado: Ceara
Local: Nordeste
Temas Geográficos:
June 2002

Leaving the international Jericoacoara, to the north, one can arrive in Camocim, near the border of the Piaui State.

Being only carried through by conductors with experience, the journey includes to pass through soft fens and wet lands, dunes and desert beaches, to cross flat rivers and lagoons of the beautiful coast of the Brazilian State of Ceara.

Mangue Seco, Guriú and Tatajuba are small villages and places found during the trip.

The path finishes at the Island of Love, in Camocim, whose sceneries are gardens constructed finely by the architects of the Nature.

To explore the incredible beauty of this passage, it is necessary to do it with calm, without stress, respecting the visited towns and, evidently, with a lot of care with the environment, to conserve the beaches in the same state they are found.

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