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Sete Cidades National Park - Parks and Ecological Area - Northeast - Piaui - Brazil - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Brazil
Estado: Piaui
Local: Northeast
Temas Geográficos:
Parks and Ecological Area
June 2002

Peculiar rocky formations that look like beings, animals, objects and personages - this is the main attraction of the Sete Cidades National Park, situated in the north of the Piaui State - Brazil.

Sete Cidades National Park is a stage where a very slow planetary transformation have been happening since 190 million years ago. It is, therefore, a historical register of the evolution of the Earth Planet, that overpasses completely our sense of time because how could be possible for us to imagine a cipher of 190 million years?

While natural rocky sculptures possess millions of years, mankind has left some marks sooner: pre-historical paintings certify the passage of man at the region 6000 years ago. The painting of "The Hand of Six Fingers" is the most famous, followed by the painting of "The Lizard". The walls also present abstract drawings and strange geometric figures. The region of the park was divided in "Seven Cities of Rock", each one possessing a peculiar set of geological monuments as "The Rock of the Turtle", "The Head of the Emperor", "The Kiss" and the famous "Map of Brazil" - formation that remembers the brazilian map.

Two ecosystems cross the park: Cerrado and Caatinga. The park shelters rich flora and fauna of both ecosystems.

The park has the capacity to provoke us a curious sensation of mystery, although we know the symbolism contained in the rocks is formed by natural elements as rain and wind, we have the impression those figures had been constructed by man.

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